Souls in a World of Dense Air

by Boring Bathtimes

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Double Album.
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released May 31, 2016

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Boring Bathtimes

On my back a pink sky illuminated above a resting world. I see a face in the glow, your face in front of a projection of colour against the tree we rest at.

“I know you're here” a soft voice whispers as damp ground engulfs our aging bodies.

“You're real” a reply is heard.

Smoke rises over a hill overhead. A soul in the world gliding through dense air.

Wandering like travellers we stop to catch breath by the rusted wreck hearing voices cry out. As curious as we are stunned by the howl of whispers saying nothing.
The roar of laughter from the trailer park and the roar from waves breaking atop the tree we rested at.

We continued to ascend until we were next to a colossal lake. The kind where you can see the dark rain clouds on the horizon, yet the grass is so green.

Voices grew louder until a thunderous bellowing succumbed to impenitent silence, a silence that cuts like a knife. A silence that no living being can ever experience in a life on this earth.

“As if we'd find peace in death” your voice pierces the silence that once was, “I take a breath but this time it's not for me”. It will always be for you, as it will for me. The same breath that fills our engulfing lungs.

Yet we still have ascended, no, we have transcended the bodies of humans that we used to be. Suddenly i feel, as you do, that all my life I have seen you shining this bright.

"Before us great Death stands our fate held close within his quiet hands. When with proud joy we lift Life’s red wine to drink deep of the mystic shining cup and ecstasy through all our being leaps— Death bows his head and weeps."

Souls in a world of dense air.



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